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Stop Foreign Aid

Petition Goal
Stop Foreign Aid until America until America Gets on Its own Feet and stop borrowing money from other countries.
Start date
January 7, 2013
End date
February 7, 2013
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Stop Foreign Aid
Thomas Lee
Foreign aid is a waste of taxpayer money. This is especially so for the UN.
ginger BURG
take care of our own first
Thomas Duhon
Let those countries hate us for free. This country could use the money.
Daniel Gilton
Let them give us aid for once.
Ken Anderson
Excellent Idea, this is what TPC should be active in. Thanks, Eddie Moore!
Treasa Perrier
Maybe if we would stop the foreign aid Obama would not feel the need to redistribute others wealth. He might even be able to start the economy, or feed and house the homeless.....oh nevermind...what was I thinking???
LaDonna Billiot
we need to take care of our country first
Debbie McBride
I know we cannot stop all monies that we are sending to different countries because of their needs, but sending our money to anyone in the middle east besides Isreal is pouring salt on the wounded american dollar!
Number one, we don't have any money to give!
Number two, when we do give it should be ...
Mark Stiles
The plain and simple fact is we are broke. We give to those who hate us and insist on supporting those in our own country who have made no effort to support themselves.
patsy grisham
This needs to stop. We give all these Countries money that hate us when we need to be taking care of our own Country first.The person that are head of these Countries do not help there people with the money we send they make there self rich. it really needs to stop.
Prostate Massager
I love you, David Koresh. Gay-marry me?
Maggie Buergey
Does this site have some way of monitoring/deleting things that don't actually belong here? And could someone please explain to me, why do we borrow money from China just to turn around and give it away to countries who don't like us, or our belief systems.
Eduardo ­
Eduardo ­
Earl brown
Let's start taking care of US! ,first!
Jan O'Steen
Let's give them Obama instead!!
David Shand
Take care of the US first!

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