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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"
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Ryan Daurne
United Against Trolls: Tea Party Community Revolts
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240 signature(s) - 182 like(s) - 1082 view(s)
M Steven Gronka
Qualify for Elective Office Test on Constitution, Bill ...
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186 signature(s) - 259 like(s) - 582 view(s)
A test qualifying the constitutional competence of a candidate and their staff should be administered to anyone running for elective office. In order to properly represent the people at any level of g...
George Sarvis
Elect Paul Ryan to Speaker of the House of Representati...
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137 signature(s) - 198 like(s) - 385 view(s)
Mr. Boehners recent surrender regarding Obamacare and leaving open the possibility of raising taxes is un-acceptable and his non-efforts to fight for and protect the interset of the American people le...
Eddie Moore
George Linardos
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76 signature(s) - 75 like(s) - 220 view(s)
There are over 125,000 member of the TCP. If all of us sign this petition it will meet the 100,000 signature requirement causing the White House to have to respond, and put Congress on notice that "We...
Anna Henson
Restore the Pledge of Allegiance to its original versio...
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17 signature(s) - 10 like(s) - 198 view(s)
The new version of the Pledge does not truly reflect the Founding Fathers vision of America. We want to change it back to it's original version.
Gabe Athouse
Stop Religious Indoctrination into Darwinism in our sch...
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18 signature(s) - 54 like(s) - 167 view(s)
The liberals have made their case that there should be no religion In our public schools, Putting aside our strong Christian heritage why is the false religion of materialist atheist Darwinism being t...
Glen C. Saunders
Return Social Security to a Trust Fund status and remov...
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55 signature(s) - 110 like(s) - 165 view(s)
Social Security was designed to support America's aging population. Several years ago it was moved to the General fund and is now defunct due to abuse......Stop the US Government from using the Social...
Anna Russell
Petition to Force President Obama to Officially Declare...
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8 signature(s) - 20 like(s) - 158 view(s)
Our nation has stood indecisive before the great precipice of whether or not tea is delicious FOR TOO LONG! We the American people have long since decided, and inaction from our elected representat...
Jeff Davis
Presidebt 0bama reveals his transcripts
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33 signature(s) - 23 like(s) - 153 view(s)
Presidebt 0bama should reveal his transcripts. He has made certain claims about his background without any facts to back them up. Now that he has hidden this important info long enough to get re-elect...

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