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February 3, 2013 by
!!!!! Hunting Drones
Emily Heimerl
Free target practice? YAY!
James Wright
LOL Leave us friendly drones alone!!
David Wheeler
You have to lead it!
Emily Heimerl
I can't wait! I'm so excited! Is there a bag limit? If you get one, will more come or do you have to spread some kind of attractant, like a "Don't Tread On Me" flag?
Emily Heimerl
Heeeeeey, wait a minute. This isn't one of those photoshopped versions of obama skeet shooting again, is it?
_ Hangman_
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!
David McCarty
.50c It has the range to take down a drone.
Emily Heimerl
I thought it had to be an EBR to take down a plane . . .
David McCarty
nah, the 50c was originally designed for anti aircraft use.

This is the current US Army weapon. M2010_Enhanced_Snipe...
Emily Heimerl
I was hoping you'd get the reference. I think it was Jesse Jackson who went on some national tv show and said that a gun could shoot down a commercial airliner.
David McCarty
Jackson is a blow hard. Can't think of anything he said ever that was trust worthy.
Emily Heimerl
Now he's saying guns can blow up railroad lines. I'm learning so much about firearms from him. NOT.
James Wright
Aside from the border patrols and maritime smuggling patrols, there are NO Predator UAV operating on U.S. soil spying on us. It is a myth
David McCarty
Myth today, but what about once we have pulled out all the troops from Afghanistan?
Rex Landingham
They have to start off with the smaller aircraft, to see if the masses will accept it. If that flies, they will try another increment. Same with HR 3200. They knew they couldn't implement the whole bill in one felled swoop.
Jacob Albers
What, are they patrolling the Canadian Border? If so they are doing a bang up job of keeping out all those illegals. Shame they don't operate down south.
James Wright
they are
James Wright
Mali, Somalila, Iran, Syria. The list goes on and on. I wouldn't worry about the Predator as much as I would the smaller UAV you don't hear about. The Predator is our friend and at the tip of the spear....
Monte Russell
In Az some Sheriff dept/counties are using the smaller scale UAV's because the area is so large. They don't need water or sleep. So if you shoot one down consider it a waste of YOUR tax dollar to the city/county/state...

My $0.02
Eva Gora
oops can you say duck hunting

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