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July 9, 2018 by
Military Jet with Laser
Thomas Lee
We already have the technology to place anti-ICBM lasers on both 5th generation fighters and Stealth Drones. It is now just a matter of Engineering and development. Some even say that we have been knocking down Kim Jong Un's multi-stage test missiles with at sea lasers through they are keepin...
Siras Tango
The weaponized laser systems I have seen usually require something the size of a 747 to be useful.
Thomas Lee
I know that one. It was the Yal-1 laser test bed. It was cancelled 15 years ago due to issues with practicalities of chemical lasers,

State of the art lasers are called "electronic" or "fiber" lasers and are much more compact and powerful. Boeing_YAL-1
Whicket Williams
remember, they are at least fifty years ahead of anything publicly released
Thomas Lee
I agree. The military has a lot of money in "black projects".
Thomas Lee
It is possible that the U.S. Navy's shipboard Laser Weapon System (LaWS) has already been chewing through Little Kim's ballistic missile inventory since there have been a rash of unexplained launchpad and inflight explosions over the past year or so.