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February 5, 2013 by
Yes, she is a senior advisor to Obama...yes, she is from Iran...YES, SHE REALLY SAID THIS.
Tina Didreckson
They have hidden her away for a few years. Scary woman.
Rita Stempert
I just posted the full article on this,she is definitely threatening those that do not support the big "O"
Gary Mueller
THIS.... is the main reason they want to BAN the AR15 and the large clip capacity. They want to make sure that we can't fight back.
Leslie Hill
Wonder what the feminine for Ayatollah is. NOT LOL:-(
Leslie Hill
That's un damn real! Shouldn't she be FIRED for that? Oh wait, I forgot! Those effers can say what EVER THEY want, and it's "ok".
Lisa H
If she wants pay back SHE can come visit me personally and we will see who is still standing--she's old and I can take her!

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