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February 12, 2013 by
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Kevin Dick
Hell no! I'd be sh*t faced drunk in 10 minutes!!!
Russ Peterson
Where's the Koolaid?
Redneck Patriot
I have to be drunk before I listen to him!
Matt and Moe Littlefield
If you want to really get drunk, you should take a shot every time he says uh, uh, uh.
Kevin Dick
That means I'd have to watch it... no can do!!!

Already know what he has to say...
Tax and spend - Guns kill - see my bitch moochelle up there? - need to bend over and give some more to the muzzie bro'hood.
Kevin Dick
Seriously, it would be less painful to take it intravenously.
Kathi Miller
I'd HAVE to be drinking to watch him. Can't stand the sight of him, plus I don't have time to be hungover tomorrow. lol
Vicky Fisher
I know Kathi I cannot stand the sight of Obama I instead watched an episode of Hawaii Five-O I had Dvrd .
Steve Johnson
I didn't even turn on the TV. My body can't consume that much liquor at one time... i'd wind up in the hospital, and they'd put me on Obamacare... then I'd REALLY be screwed!!
Kevin Dick
Sounds like Capital Punishment...
Christine Watson
My husband and I can't stand listening to him, so I wrote a blog post just now to share Michael's game, as well as 86 articles of impeachment against Ovomit! /2013/02/cant-stand-...
Tricia Pattishall
man I'd been drunk of my a**!good thing i didn't see the suggestion before !
Karen Puhl Clancy
So far, we're all agreed...can't stand the sight or sound of him.
Michael Mastro
I'd rather listen to nails on a chalk board than him.
Philip A. Brink
played my own game.. one beer for every lie.. ran thru 24 beers in the first 15 mins... bbbbuuurrrpp
Kevin Dick
Don't feel bad Philip... had a friend with a 1.5L bottle of Jack Daniels. 1 Lie = 1 Shot.

By half time he was trying to wring out another shot from an empty bottle.

He was REALLY toasted...
Redneck Patriot
I had to get drunk before he got started just to tolerate him. Last thing I remember hearing was "Mr. Speaker...the President of the United States"...then everything went blank...made for a good speech though
Michael J. Brennan
I did not even bother wasting my time to hear his lies
Jean Bailey
I spent the time very productively watching "Have Gun-Will Travel" and wishing Palladin was still around.

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