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January 3, 2013 by
Brady Rape Poster
Excuse the expletive...but WHAT THE FUCK! Rape can last 30 seconds? Okay...even if that were true...the effects can and WILL last a lifetime. Add to that the number of MURDERS that FOLLOW a rape.....
April Loyd
WTH? I should just let 'em rape me instead of defending myself?
John Brinar
It's ok... you can say "WTF" in this instance...
John Brinar
Why don't we ask someone that has been raped if they agree.... I bet they don't.... This came from some protected liberatard that doesn't know what they are talking about....
John Brinar
I guess the "Brady Campaign" thinks it is OK to rape women and that rapist deserve to live.... Boy are they mistaken... again...
Henry Meadows Jr
ever see anyone rape a 38
Lisa Petersen
I've spent the day on FB trying to get this pic off - it's NOT the Brady Camp - the pic goes to another group trying to discredit the Brady's or us, or they're just being asses. They've slapped the Brady logo on a bunch of sick pics, trying to get us all riled up. It IS NOT the Brady Camp - if we ke...
Linda Dawson
The thing is given the rest of the nonsense I have heard coming from the left over my lifetime, I find it very believable that the Brady campaign did put this out. I actually saw an interview where this far left kook said she should have the right to have an abortion whenever why ever but killing in...
Linda Dawson
The standard MO of the left is "By any means necessary" Most of the gun control lobby are not about keeping people safe, they are about control. A completely disarmed civilian populace is what the far left wants. They all the guns to be in the hands of the government, this is the last step before t...
April Loyd
Thanks Lisa, I will check it out. I was shocked to see Brady's name on it!
Janice Cothran
So it's better to be a victim and give them your body then fight for your dignity-NOT!
Dave Bruton
April Loyd, why are you shocked to see Sarah Brady's name attached to this travesty?

Anyone here recall Romney's War on Women? If being good to his spouse and kids is a war, then what the hell is this?

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