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January 5, 2013 by
Freedom is...
✞ Cheryl ✞ Nellis ✞
I watched ''Undercover Boss'' last night. The ''Boss'' told a lesbian employee he was going to start covering all ''pardoners' on insurance. Last time I watch that show, but, I do wonder if he'll grant coverage to all live-in lovers?
Cozza Frenzzy
im fine with gay people being together they just shouldnt call it marriage. by doing so they are undermining and perverting what marriage is supposed to be. Liberals love to change the meaning of words, and thats not good. they could call anything but marriage and im totally fine with it.
Cozza Frenzzy
and they need to quit teaching homosexuality in schools. let people decide for themselves. schools dont need to be giving kids those ideas
Frank Redblod
I want the government to stay out of my business, and I bet gay people want them to stay out of their business. YAY FOR THE GOVERNMENT STAYING OUT OF OUR BUSINESS!!!

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