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Would you support Dr. Benjamin Carson for President in 2016?

February 16, 2013 by
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Dave Miller
i dont know enough about this guy to make a decision yet. i will say this, im done being fooled by people, especially ones claiming to be so great and against obamas agenda
randal moore
right i would have to learn and hear a lot more
Charles Byrd
I would need more info before making such a decision.
Nathaniel Hamrick
It's a maybe -- I voted yes so that he can be encouraged to run and share more of his ideas. As of now, it's a yes. If I hear more, I might decide I'd never vote for him. It depends. I truly want to hear more of his ideas.
Kevin Scott Setzer
I would support any conservative canadate.
Mary Cina
Straight forward honest common sense. How refreshing!

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