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Is President Obama a closet Muslim?

January 10, 2017 by
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Phillip Burns
another lucky guess..actually i know it!!
Charles Byrd
He isn't a Moslem, if anything, he is at best an agnostic who joined a UCC congregation in Chicago to get himself an "in" to Chicago local politics. I will concede though that his time in Indonesia among the Sunnis may have shaped his world view.
Sharon Kowalski
He is a moslem because his father was a moslem and the children are automatically made moslem. He went to a madrassa, and he still wears the ring that says 'there is no god but allah' or bismallah. (in greek the same characters that look like '666' - depending on how one reads those characters - f...
Anita Timmons
Ray Valdes
nothing closet about it, that bitch is on the float waving at the crowd while sodomizing a goat
Randy M
would ANY true Christian allow a Muslim to cut off the head off another Christian while having the power to stop it and did nothing.He has committed a sin not to protect them when he could have. these are brothers and sisters we sat on our hands and did NOTHING to help them. in the name of ameri...
Beth .
How is this a question?
william coulter
when one is born, and given a christian name and converts to islam, that persons christian name is replaced with a name from the Koran. FACT
M. Steel (Adorable Patriot)
Nothing "closet" about it!
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