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January 11, 2017 by
Whicket Williams is online.
I tried, thought it might be funny to listen to him whining and blaming, but I could not take it.
Anita Timmons
TICK, TOCK....TICK, TOCK....TICK, TOCK.....Oh, get it over with!!!!!!
Randy M
nope ... dont have the time.. got to get ready for the worlds largest street party in 8 days , gonna have pig roasts and gun games using old Hope posters ..
Jess DeCristo
I watched it, I was crying my eyes out with tears of joy and laughter. Joy because his days as President are numbered, and laughter because he lied is ass out as usual. Imaging stating the USA was in far better shape than 8 years ( shiiiiiiitttt) , the USA has never been in a worst position than no...

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