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Is Ana Navarro really a she-man like she is really a Democrat?

August 31, 2017 by
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Thomas Reuther is online.
Ana Navarro is not really Republican. She is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. She is nothing but CNN's token Republican so that they can say they have a Republican aboard but everybody knows she really isn't one.
Mike Smythe
You can call yourself anything you want... but if you ACT like a Liberal/Democrat, then we know what you really are.
Steve Johnson
Does that include the current POTUS?
Thomas Reuther is online.
Don't be ridiculous.
Steve Johnson
Asking an honest question. You might want to view the post just below this... Trump's interview where he said "I identify more as a Democrat..."
Lewis Neidhardt
But that was years ago. For a man who changes his mind four times before his morning dump, years ago doesn't mean squat.
Thomas Reuther is online.
Does anyone actually really believe Trump has anything at all in common with the current Democrat party? Nada. Zero. Zilch.
When Trump was a private citizen and celebrity he admitted he donated to both Democrat and Republican candidates.
Hell there are even pictures of him with Bill and Hillary Clint...

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