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Do you think the age of LEGAL CONSENT should be raised to 18?

September 9, 2017 by
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Sidney P
Legal consent to what? What is the current age?
Thomas Reuther is online.
A girl has to be at least 18 before someone can be charged with statutory rape for have sex with her.
Back in my day a girl under the age of consent to legally have sex with someone was called "jail bait".
Lewis Neidhardt
That varies from state to state, from 13 to 18.
Steven Avolio (Covfefe for
Gregory Kobb is online.
Terry American
The opinion that I had when I was 16 differs GREATLY from the one that I hold NOW!
Thomas Reuther is online.
As does most opinions we had at that young age. With age comes experience and wisdom which one does not have until we attain age!
Adam Ray - Troll Blocker
This is not gonna stop anything.
Gregory Kobb is online.
parents teach your children well v=EyU0P6iqyw4
Eliott Weiss
I think this comes under state's rights. Each state makes their own laws concerning this.
Gregory Kobb is online.
Why not get married first, that would solve most of the social issues plaguing America
Herman Nelson
I guess you don't have 3 ex-wives and paying alimony.
Gregory Kobb is online.
I tried my best not to let females manipulate me with sex, lucky never married one
Todd Powley
I think you raise a valid point. Shouldn't the age of consent be the same as the age you can legally marry?
D Smith
-- raised??? I thought it was already 18. wth???
Larry New
Is in Texas and 21 for some things.Where do you live Todd? Arkansas or somewhere in the Appalachians? You can go to jail here for having sex with a 16 year old.Better stay where you are.
Todd Powley
It varies by state. It's 16 in Michigan.
Steven Avolio (Covfefe for
It is all relative to our life span. If you die at 40, 13 is good. 2000 years ago people got married at 13 and up.
Gregory Kobb is online.
I remember when it was called "Making Love" it was about LOVE and Romance, not about self gratification, we need to learn from The Romance Era and be more civil
Wayne Gadow
I joined the service at 17 but couldn't legally drink until 21. The age of consent for the current generation X should be around thirtyish!
Larry New
You can legally drink in the service at 18,just not some places in the US when you are off base.In Germany you could drink if you could hold the bottle up until 2010.Then it became 16.
Randy Newton is online.
In many states the age was 14 at one time. Now some are 16 and 18. What happens when a 17 year old male has sex with his 16 year old girlfriend. Same have been locked up for this.

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