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Have you ever told someone online for whom to vote in our POTUS elections?

December 1, 2017 by
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Michelle bhot Choguis
does campaigning for and sponsoring a candidate page for a state count? lol
Lisa Alabama
Not unless you told someone to vote for that candidate.
Michelle bhot Choguis
no, I never told anyone who to vote for, just lay out the facts and policies and let them make their own independent choice
Wren Reston
Brought up "don't ask, don't tell", but had to attend voting and funerals under parents rule.
Buddy Harris
I have been told many times that I should ALWAYS vote for one of the two top political parties. That's pretty much the same thing as telling someone who to vote for.
Lisa Alabama
I've been told for whom to vote here on TPC many times.
Richard Hertz
I was told many times, by several people, during the primary season who to vote for on TPC. They know who they are...
Buddy Harris
Richard Sabo
Ahh no, but I told people not to vote for Hildabeast....
Jim Steele
I think it's only "telling someone how to vote" if you have some authority over them somehow, otherwise it's just campaigning.
Richard Hertz
I agree with you, but it becomes a crime in some states to tell people you have authority over who to vote for. Some state you can be fired for voting against the company's wishes.
Jim Steele
It's still a secret ballot.. so how will they know, unless one is fool enough to tell them? Or is voting absentee...
Richard Hertz
It is a secret ballot, and they can't control who you really vote for, but they can 't limit your free speech rights. You can't have a bumper sticker or yard sign for something the company doesn't approve of. In 2012 many employers warned that if Obama won a second term they would have to lay off wo...
Steve Johnson
My wife and I usually discuss whom to vote for before an election. Often we agree, but occasionally not. I don't recall ever telling anyone to vote for someone -- I presume that's their privilege, not mine.
Lisa Alabama
Yeah, I don't ever remember having someone tell me to vote for blank in real life, but it's happened many times online. I had a guy harass me about voting for Al Gore in Yahoo chat years ago. I thought he was out of his mind, who does that? lol Apparently it's no big thing on the internet. Go figure...
Bruce Gillikin
I phoned campaigned last year saying only to; be sure to vote and the majority told me they were voting for Trump. I cannot recall anyone saying they were voting for Hillary. Lucky at the numbers I guess. Maybe i'll try Vegas!
L. Quarles is online.
never....but did tell my nephew he was stupid for voting for ovomit.....but he said he was part of history and was proud of himself....
Richard Hertz
I have seven kids that were all Bernie supporters, the youngest being 3 months too young to vote in the election. All six hated Hillary, but liked everything Bernie said. The youngest is going to college, but the other six are adults, on their own, and love to argue politics with old dad. None were ...
Mr. White III%
Never. Even if I don't agree. Voting is a personal choice and NO ONE should ever directly tell another for whom to vote.
Lisa Alabama
I agree, G. That's what I was taught.
Joseph Annillo " Jr
I do tell them to VOTE but not who to vote for ,I vote in all elections and have not miss voting since 1964 when i voted for BARRY Goldwater

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