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Who do you think will be selected for TIME magazine Person Of the Year 2017?

December 5, 2017 by
Lewis Neidhardt
Mueller will have the most impact on the country
Richard Hertz
I think he will be in the running next year. He is really just beginning. The entire Time list was too long for the TPC poll template. I had to choose these from that list. #45 was on the list, but unless he's lying, he won't be selected POY. I could come up with these questions every day. The diner...
Mr. White III%
Richard Hertz
Richard Hertz
Yessss? I give free legal advice. If you break the law, say nothing to the police without representation, get a lawyer you trust preferably related to you. You still can't trust them, but you get the family discount.
Gregory Kobb
How about "The death of the American Media"
Gregory Kobb
Don't forget to turn off the lights

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