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Ham or Turkey for Christmas Dinner?

December 4, 2017 by
Ham or Turkey for Christmas Dinner?
Richard Sabo
Ham and duck.....
Herman Nelson
Prime rib
Steven Mathias
Its usually hot here in Australia , Seafood and BBQ's are popular , although i did once enjoy a white Christmas in Maine , with a glazed ham
james manning
Gregory Kobb
Stuff Chicken Breast
james manning
I'm not worried about Christmas dinner yet...I'm worried about NOW!!...I wish that damn pizza would hurry up and get here....I'M STARVING!!
Jean Bailey is online.
After having turkey at Thanksgiving, my family loves having ham at Christmas Eve dinner. We do our Christmas on Christmas Eve because all the grandchildren should have Christmas at their homes. This makes everyone happy.
Ginny Hanks is online.
Ham for Christmas and chicken stew for supper tonight.
Steve Valentine
Definately TURKEY
Robin Larson is online.
Seafood -- I see food -- I eat food.
American Woman60
Gotta be prime rib with Yorkshire pudding!
Larry Hall
That's exactly what my wife and I have had for the last few years
Denali .....
Prime Rib
Hal Smathers
Filet mignon, fresh from my field,to the butcher, to my grill, to the table.
Randy Newton
I will find out when I get there.
Patty Turley
Definitely turkey, sometimes elk roast.
Siras Tango
MmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmm ELK ROAST!!!!! You have my mouth watering now!
Jessie ----
I would settle for a hamburger.....
Jeff Adamson
How about a Cheeseburger in Paradise?
Steve Valentine
LOL Jess
Siras Tango
My wife and I have given up eating pork. We had noticed an increase in our pain levels after eating pork. I used to do 50-60 turkeys every year for folks for Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas. I had a lot of people requesting ham and geese, but 60 turkeys was my limit. I had neither the room nor the time t...
Jimmy Day
Steve Valentine
Siras Tango
We are so BLESSED to have such a choice in this country! Thank YOU FATHER for Your many Blessings!
Richard Sabo
Steve Valentine
Especially the blessing of God's son, Jesus
Peter Green
Lamb, as always.
Adam Ray - Troll Blocker
Flip a coin.
Steve Valentine
One year, my grandma had the whole family over for beef roast instead of turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Everybody grumbled. "Is it going to be this way for Christmas too?" Fortunately for Grandma, we had turkey for Christmas.
Gregory Kobb
Road Kill, Yes GOD will provide
Jessie ----
Turkeys are too expensive this year.
Steve Valentine
Nah. once a year.
Richard Hertz
Deep fried duck, and about half a lamb, cut into parts and cooked differently. Leg of lamb, lamb chops, crown roast, with lamb sliders as appetizers. I raise chickens and ducks, and a neighbor gives me a lamb every year for helping him with farm.