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Is there anything that the NFL can do to regain your viewership and patronage?

December 5, 2017 by
Jim Steele
I wasn't interested in the NFL before the current kerfluffle.
Karen Kleinschmidt
If they let this crap go on any longer there won't be an NFL.
Steven Avolio (Covfefe for
11 votes, 'No' 4 'The NF-Who? 2 Maybe 2 Yes
Gregory Kobb
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell needs to be replaced with NFL commissioner that loves the game of football as much as Bud Selig loves the game of baseball
Mr. White III%
Tell those American hating assholes to get up and get back to work and stop whining about things that don't affect them.
Gregory Kobb
Hay, NFL you can stand for the National Anthem and have Black Power all at the same time power-salute-tommie-...
Tom Gibb
College ball is more fun to watch anyway.