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AG Sessions has reversed the Obama DOJ guidelines that prohibit federal prosecution of marijuana laws in states that voted for legalization. Is this a good policy change, since it breaks campaign promises by Trump?

January 6, 2018 by
Gregory Kobb
But, employers should not be forced to hire POT heads
Dan Idaho
They aren't. They can still test for drugs and deny people that don't pass the test.
Steve Valentine
Another bias post by a NEVERTRUMPER.
Richard Hertz
Explain my bias please. I asked a valid question about a significant policy change from the DOJ, I offered more answer questions than just yes or no (I normally consider anything else editorializing), with answers that directly relate to the policy change. I took a college class that taught how to w...
Steve Valentine
You hate Trump. Good enough.
Beth .
Such eloquence!
Steve Valentine
Short and to the point huh?
Richard Hertz
Incorrect, and incomplete answer, but yes short and to the point.
Steve Valentine
Without being drawn into another debate. you are a NEVERTRUMPER, Richard. And you've always posted round about polls that express your hatred for the President. I'm not going to comment again on this. Nuff said.
Richard Hertz
There are two kinds of people in this world...
1) Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
3)and Steve
Richard Hertz
That doesn't explain bias. Why does my asking a question on a policy that a cabinet member was breaking a campaign promise, show bias? I didn't infer that #45 told him to do it, or did he? My dislike for #45 has nothing to do with DOJ policy.
Herman Nelson
You're being kind. I threw him in the "red communist needs a taste of his own medicine" box.
Richard Hertz
I don't think #45 is a commie, but would be if he thought he could make money. Mueller will give him some medicine though.
Herman Nelson
#44 was a commie. You support #44. Logic dictates you are a commie. If it smells like shit, looks like shit; most likely it is shit.
Lisa Alabama
Campaign promises mean diddly-squat, no matter who the candidate. They all say what they think will get them elected. Interesting poll, Richard.
Richard Hertz
Thanks Lisa! I think pursuing this is a fool's errand. 64% of Americans favor legalization. Three powerful, wealthy lobbies oppose legalization. Big pharma, alcohol companies, and private prisons. Turns out Sessions is heavily invested in the private prison industry, and this would be good for busin...

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