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Should President Trump sign a clean DACA bill without getting what he promised the base?

January 10, 2018 by
Should President Trump sign a clean DACA bill without getting what he promised the base?
Mr. White III%
That would imply trust in Democrats to do what they say in funding the border wall. Signing a clean bill seems ill advised.
James Murphy
I will be just more of the same...
Robin Larson is online.
First of all never ever touch a "TAR BABY," especially one that is crashing and burning on it's own! Second of all, isn't this an Constitutional illegal executive order that had an expiration date on it? This means Trump doesn't have to do a damn thing.

This is nothing more than a negotiating hot pot...
B Lehr
Another bullshit game, lied for the Regan episode what makes anyone think it would turn out any different this time.
Steve Valentine
The President needs to hang tough and get funding for the wall.
American Nationalist
It has taken me some time to realize that there are quite a few people who do not truly understand negotiations. There will never be a clean DACA as THAT is the starting point for the set initial negotiations with HORIZON GOALS (i.e., those you know will not be met to raise the bar)
Yvonne Price (President Tru
Reagan fell for that in the 80's. Dems promised a follow up bill if he did sign the earlier bill. Again the Dems lied. No follow up bill was done.
Karen Kleinschmidt
Just think if President Reagan had taken on the immigration issue back then we wouldn't be in this mess!
Adam Ray - Troll Blocker
Dems always do that, give us now, we will give you later. And later never comes.
Curtimus Maximus
I believe it is within his legal rights, to just let it expire on its own, in March. It is interesting to see both sides of the aisle extoll an open countenance of disdain towards the positive renewal of our nation. One nation under fraud.