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Should the Pentagon put on a military parade like the POTUS requested?

February 7, 2018 by
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Lewis Neidhardt
Without a military parade, the terrorists win.
And Melania has put together that great Commandante outfit for Donald to wear. It's got shiny bits.
Steve Johnson
Last time it was done it cost $12 million. A waste of money for an ego stroke for Trump.
Lewis Neidhardt
Chump change when compared to the utter fear it will instill in dogs and small children. Plus the uniform.
Mick Hargrave
Russia, China, North Korea,etc... they don't do it to raise morale but to send a stern warrning to their Citizens that they will be Slaughtered if there is an up rising againast the Government.
Larry New
So ,are we going full blown Hitler now?
Lisa Alabama
Military parade? Seriously?
Mick Hargrave
We don't have to do that because we are a Free Republic and know without a doubt our Military is the best in the World at fighing our Enemies on FOREIGN Soil and not holding our country hostage to its Military Might by show of Force marhcing down our streets like North Korea, Russia, and China. Will...
Mick Hargrave
Instead how about each Town and City organize on its own a day to thank the Military personal living in their communities and raise money to support their local VA.
Larry Cooper
No, I'm not interested it watching a military parade surrounded by dancing protesters wearing pink vagina hats.
I choose answers "B" and "D"
American Nationalist
Here's another one which is guaranteed to get funnier by the day