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Must all special interest groups who attack our constittutional liberties to be stripped of their tax exempt status ? Adocate groups us anti-gun lobby, PETA, etc

February 10, 2018 by
Igor D is online.
PETA got to be deprived for donating in support of terrorist groups Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front.
Gregory Kobb
If people do crime put them in jail, put the responsibly on the person not the group, even if the whole group goes to jail
Gregory Kobb
But, Let us do a better job of messaging, we can't be silent or be silenced, the same people we don't like us can take way our tax exempt status, like Obama did for Tea Party Groups. We conservatives are on the right side of history let's use it.
Charles Byrd
Yes.....and I would also include Adelson front groups that fight decriminalization efforts.

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