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Other than the traditional annual National Independence Day Parade, will President Trump be able to put on his military parade.?

February 12, 2018 by
Larry New
His military parade? Just when did Trump ever have anything to do with the military except avoid it by deferment?
Sidney P
I certainly hope not, it would be a tremendous waste of manpower and taxpayer money.
Jeff Pfeifer
I hope so, but have to wait and see. The liberals sure don't want it.
Richard Hertz
Can we have a parade of homeless veterans, and then give them a house at the end of the parade?
Steve Johnson
Trump will find a way to have his ego stroked one way or another. If it costs millions, that's no skin off his nose. And people thought Obama was a narcissist.
Steve Riley
THE RUMP WANT-THE RUMP GET. Egotistical arrogant little boy dazzled by glitz. Might be different if he took his turn in uniform.
Whicket Williams
nobody notices, TRUMP has NEVER SAID anything about a military parade, this is ALL a deep state ploy, and you all fell for it, hook, line, and sinker...
Richard Hertz
Whicket you seem to know so much about the deep state, and deny things that the Russian puppet said, and that makes me wonder. Are you a part of the deep state cabal? You are the TPC expert on all things deep state. How do you know so much about the inner workings of the deep state, unless you are a...
Lewis Neidhardt
Well, there's Trump, who works tirelessly for America, and there's deep state Trump, who tweets tirelessly and wants a parade.
Richard Hertz