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Have you ever been arrested?

March 10, 2018 by
Dana M.
Lol.. definitely #4...... lol....
Arwen Undomiel
Okay, I can't help but laugh at the qualifier for #4.
Richard Hertz
I had to edit my original answer to this. I didn't want any kinksters to say yes, and they liked it.
Jim Flippence
You kinky little devil ! lol
Richard Hertz
I've never liked handcuffs, after wearing them as a teenager. I don't like be restrained in any fashion. I can't tolerate tight clothes.
Richard Hertz
I was arrested after a shooting incident while walking my dog Saturday afternoon. I was taken in, but never booked or charged. I was questioned and released. The Sgt Major trooper said he brought me in for my own safety. I didn't feel safe in handcuffs, riding in the backseat of a MSHP SUV. They buc...
Richard Hertz
For the first time in my life and after many arrests, I gave a statement to law enforcement without my lawyer present. The woman who witnessed me kill her dog, gave her statement, and it exonerated me. I made the trooper put it in writing that I would be in no legal jeopardy for making a statement, ...
Robin Larson is online.
Bull shit Richard.
Richard Hertz
I've never fired my .40 at anything but paper, and then only a few self defense rounds. They are pricey. I shoot Sellier and Bellot full metal jacket rounds for practice. They have the cleanest burning powder on the market. It was also the first time I fired it without hearing protection. My ears ar...
David #AlwaysConstitution
I got hauled in once, but never saw a cell. Would that be considered detained or arrested?
Richard Hertz
If they read you your rights you were arrested. If they didn't process you into the system, fingerprints and mug shot, you weren't charged. I would say detained or taken into custody in your situation. I was a career criminal, as well as holding a regular job when I was young. I've been arrested mor...
David #AlwaysConstitution
I think I was arrested. But, I know that I was charged and took a plea bargain.