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Would you like Obama's records unsealed?

April 11, 2018 by
Would you like Obama's records unsealed?
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Brad Fraser
No, I would like obama sealed, in a coffin.
Richard Hertz
For what purpose do we need to see his records? Which records? Obam released his tax returns. Could we see #45's tax returns like he promised?
Denali .....
I’m more interested in seeing the truth about #45’s predecessors records. A whole lot that is being held back from the American people. I would rather see the tax records of my fed and local politicians than that of a self made billionaire.
Robin Larson is online.
The simple fact Richard, is no ones tax records are anyone else's damn business.
Denali .....
Mmmmm, I’m thinking I would like to follow the money as to how our elected officials leave their posts as multi millionaires.
Thomas Reuther
Releasing one's tax returns is not a constitutional
requirement to run for president.

Being a US citizen IS and Obama pulled the wool over all of our eyes in that regard.

I still say Obama was born in Kenya, his so called birth certificate is fake and fraudulent and Arpaio can prove all of this.
Richard Hertz
Tommy have you been hit with what Alex Jones is speaking of? Look it up! Obama's mom was a citizen, and it matters little where he was born. He can't be president anymore, and hurt you. Can you show us on the doll where he hurt you? v=_ePLkAm8i2s
Michael Kobulnicky
Because they Don't have to!!
Thomas Reuther
And I for one would like to see proof that Obama even attended let alone graduated Columbia University.
I find it very peculiar that no one remembers him from
the time he was supposed to have gone there.

Never again we will the people will ever elect someone
who has very little known about their backgro...
Eliott Weiss is online.
I blame the news media and Congress. Neither one of them vetted him, probably for fears of being called a racist.
Dan Metcalf
The greatest hoax ever pulled on the American people. Thanks Dems and Soros.
Tim Campbell
I don't care about his records, but I wouldn't mind if they sealed Obama and his entire administration 6ft under, then moved on to those who were stupid enough to vote for the socialist clown.
Allan Brewster
I am speaking of proof of valid American Citizenship to be President in the first place.
Richard Hertz
NEWSFLASH- Obama can't be president any more no matter where he was born. If you are familiar with the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution you would realize that proof would change nothing. I fail to see the obsession with past presidents. #45 raised Bush the Younger's approval ratings, so there is t...

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