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Do you believe that Public Hangings in the Courthouse Square should be brought back?

April 25, 2018 by
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
Also, please feel free to expound as to your vote if you desire to do so.
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
I believe this going to bring out the way people really feel about taking the life of anothers in a violent Killing or Gang Activity.
Herman Nelson
My grand mother went to one the last public hangings in New Mexico when she was young.

3 boys had raped and murdered a girl. They were charged and tried. During the trial, the boys were smug and thought they were going to get off the charges. They were smug right up to the point of taking that first...
Tim Campbell
Only in certain cases where the killer admits to the crime, or is caught in the act by police. Murder isn't always a serious crime. Sometimes, murder is committed for justice, as in the old case where a man shot another man at the airport who kidnapped and sexually assaulted his son. The man was sho...
Ann Morrissey Eul
I do support the death penalty but I don't think we need to make a martyr of those sentenced.
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
My brothers daughter was murdered and was never found 3 going on 4 years ago. The one in jail now was not imprisoned for Murder, Obstruction Of Justice and I hope he never gets out. The Woman involved is still free. She is a vile low life snake. I do hope she comes to trial soon and is either given...
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
Is that fair to my Brother?
Ann Morrissey Eul
IF the murderer is found guilty and sentenced to death, your family has the right to be present. I don't think 'public hangings' will do any good and may actually cause sympathy for the criminal.

Sorry about your Niece, Amos.
Neil Wieczoreck
It should be televised and bring back the electric chair too.
Jim Flippence
Simple Answer, Yes !
We used to hang Horse Thieves and Cattle Rustlers

Child Molesters, Rapists and Murderers
Deserve AT LEAST That !
Peter Green
I'm not sure what the point would be, Mr. Elvis, apart from making people like us feel better. If it's actual justice you desire, however, then the actual method of execution is of far less importance than the time & expense it takes to get the condemned from the courthouse to The Chair.
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
I want real Justice and with a Speedy Trial. Time would be very short and Manila Rope is cheap Mr. Green. Guillotine
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
Something has to change to curb all this crime such as Murder & Rape.
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
25% say "NO". Well I guess those that say no want some Capital Crime such as MURDER or others to be like a Bass Tournament! CATCH & RELEASE. Well this idea of Public Hanging will make someone think before committing such crimes after viewing one. Sounds like a Many are too soft hearted. Go Figure.
Bob Connolly (Trump Support
There's also the notion that criminals intent on causing great bodily harm on others might think twice about doing it if they feared that their potential victims might actually be able to very effectively (and fatally) defend themselves. Same goes for keeping a tyrannical government honest. My point...
Amos Elvis ( Local Peasant &
I have to farmer friends that have a lot of acreage that had a problem with thieves stealing their equipment. The farmers caught them and the Deputy came out and took the perp to jail to be processed. The Deputy said that the crook would be out of jail before they could get back home. Basically the ...