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Will the Leftist agenda succeed in using the 25th amendment to impeach Trump?

May 10, 2018 by
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Lewis Neidhardt
Since the 25th Amendment says the removal of the president will be determined by the vice president and a majority of the cabinet. All of these people were chosen by Trump, which means that it wouldn't be a liberal agenda. In addition, the amendment doesn't provide for impeachment, which is bringing...
Keith Jennings
If he's impeached, it will be for high crimes and misdemeanors, not just because he's nuts!
Richard Hertz
I couldn't vote on the poll for this reason Lewis. How could the 25th Amendment be a leftist agenda, unless #45's appointments are themselves leftists. Trick poll question? Trying to catch people who don't understand the 25th?
Lewis Neidhardt
Since the 25th doesn't have anything to do with impeachment, the pollster tricked herself.
Anna Baysden
Great comments by all. However, the left will use any and all means to regain control.
Well, I'm waiting til the shooting starts.
Herman Nelson
Of course they will. It may come down to good men (and women) with guns to set things right.
Anna Baysden
Indeed, Herman. The left will not stop until they silence all means necessary. Including using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. They will not stop until he is declared unfit. Thereby rendering him in fit and may as well be impeachment.
Richard Hertz
Explain why the majority of #45's cabinet appointments are working for the left? Is this why he appointed them, because they were lefties? We know he is a NY liberal, who only cares about enriching himself. I fail to see why a GOP majority Senate would confirm so many lefties.
Larry Cooper
If so, it will be the end of government as we know it because there will be no point in voting again if the left can just overturn an election when they don't like the outcome.
Howard Hodges
If the DNC takes control of our government ever again the republic is over.
Richard Hertz
Get ready for next January...
Chicky Meier
--Dunno, but if there is a Blue Wave in November it is going to get interesting.
Anna Baysden
The left is frothing at the mouth due to the success to Trump. And the right is paranoid... the left may succeed. Stay tuned