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If the Dems take control of the House in Jan. '19, which scandal takes POTUS down?

May 19, 2018 by
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Roger Wolff
None of the above. Should the Dems take the House, of which I don’t believe, Trump continues on and wins in 2020. The ‘real’ people like what the president is doing and will vote him back in. That is if he wants it!?
Richard Hertz
Do you have any historical evidence to back your assertion that the Democrats won't take the House back in November? Why have GOP candidates been under performing in all of the special elections? Historically when there are this many retirements from one party, the other party gains a percentage of ...
Roger Wolff
Historical evidence? I said ‘I don’t believe’. It was nothing but a comment. As for history, I think it’s evident that you can throw history out the door when it comes to our current President. He won when all the pollsters and pundits had Clinton winning by a landslide. Then he goes on to do m...