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Should Mexico be forced to pay for a wall??

May 30, 2018 by
Michelle bhot Choguis
hiya James! Happy hump day!
james manning
Hey Michelle!!...Right back at ya!!
Lisa Alabama
How could Mexico be forced? Just curious.
james manning
A condition If they want to continue to trade with the US. We are still renegotiating NAFTA...
Lisa Alabama
Ah, I see.
Leah H
Forced? Maybe not forced. They should contribute and there are other ways to get money from Mexico for the wall such as part of import and export fees and confiscated goods and cash seized.
james manning
I only say forced because the pres. of Mexico says no way no how...
Ron Rogers. (Felony Trumpst
At the very least they need to quit acting in ways that aid and abet the problem..dare I say foment?
Michelle bhot Choguis
I still like Cruz's idea- use El Chapo's seized money to pay for part of the wall...
james manning
Works for me!!
Sidney P
It's not Mexico's wall, it's Trump's wall. Let him pay for it.
Robin Larson is online.
Just my opinion, but Mexico will pay for the wall one way or another, they just wont admit it. And well they should pay for the wall. Just look at their immigration laws and compare them with ours. Let's just stop the PC BS right now.

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