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Is giving up our military alliances with South Korea and promising to give security to N. Korea worth N.K.'s promise to think about denuclearization again?

June 13, 2018 by
Ann Morrissey Eul
I think no concessions should be made until there is confirmation of denuclearization.
Lewis Neidhardt
I believe that the withdrawal of military maneuvers with S. Korea is in place now, but not 100% on that.
Charlie Moran
Giving up our military alliance with South Korea is very much premature. I, for one, firmly believe in "trust but verify" before any celebrations of diplomacy. North Korea has not earned any credence with us or anyone else.
Lewis Neidhardt
It looks like we've given up exercises with SK, and Trump has been celebrating "peace in our time" pretty strongly. Like most of his "accomplishments," only time will tell if they are of any benefit. His tariffs haven't gone well, and they've only just started.
Richard Hertz
They have earned credence with #45. The US dear leader would like to be treated like Kimmie is treated by his people. I thought his supporters did this already...
Dan Whelan
We're not giving up our military alliance with S. Korea.