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What changes need to be made for "The War On Drugs" to work in this country?

June 30, 2018 by
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Robin Larson is online.
Stop pandering and enabling them, let them overdose and die. Make them, and them alone, responsible for their actions.
Randy Newton
This war was lost before it begin.
Robin Larson is online.
Yes, addicts do what addicts do.
Triple "O" Opinionated, Out
Make Trafficking a DEATH PENALTY OFFENCE ! 2yr time limit on Appeals ! Apprehended users can absolve themselves by Turning State's Evidence ! simple & effective !
Robin Larson is online.
Kind of like that guy in the Philippines.
Triple "O" Opinionated, Out
Kinda dried up the supply real quick.... ;D
Russ Hixson
leave people alone and let them do what they want
Tim Campbell
Well that's a high level of intelligence right there. What if they want to kick your door in and rape you and your wife, just let them do what they want ?
Russ Hixson
Your intelligence shows if you think that's the same as doing drugs
Randy Newton
That is what drug addicts do to get their drugs. Much of the crime in this country is because of druggies.
Lake Wilson is online.
We should adopt some of Duterte's policies on dealing with drug lords and dealers...
Sidney P
Some, such as weed, should simply be legalized, regulated, and taxed. That would cut the incentive to produce it illegally. The same approach could work for the rest, but that needs more debate. The bottom line: people are going to do drugs. Making it illegal makes it more dangerous in several w...
Brad Fraser
Life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, guaranteed RIGHTS! If what you eat, drink, smoke, snort, ingest, inject or shove up your butt does NOT qualify as LIBERTY or the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, NOTHING DOES. STOP asking permission for your rights and TAKE THE DAMN THINGS BACK. Just do NOT hurt anyo...
Tim Campbell
Execute politicians and dealers who support drug crimes. If all the crooks are dead, there is no further problem.
Arwen Undomiel
End the war on drugs.
Mick Hargrave
End the war.
Gregory Kobb
Also, stop making drugs look cool
Jean Bailey
Take the money out of it.
Robin Larson is online.
Let drug abusers die.
Robert Cober Jr
I agree and stop spending taxpayer money for trying to cure the idiots...
Siras Tango
Part of the problem lies with the FDA. All drugs must be synthesized. Lots of natural products work much better, but the drug companies cannot patent a naturally occurring substance! They can patent the extraction / manufacturing process but not the substance.
Beth .
If you don’t know that the USG is behind the drugs in this country you need to open your eyes.....

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