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Is it ok, for the government to determine and enforce a minimum living wage?

July 9, 2018 by
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Ann Morrissey Eul we seem to have the one supporting liberal platforms.....calling others libtards. Harry, I think you may be in the wrong forum.
Keith Jennings
I could have told you that!
Mr. White III%
That's the markets job, not government. Supply / demand and all that.
Robert Shaw
.A government who enforces a minimum wage can also enforce a maximum wage.
And worse yet it becomes in effect a labor Union. Membership is mandatory (and automatic), dues (taxes) are deducted from your pay (so it's painless).
Richard Hertz
Minimum wage is your employer's way of saying "if I could pay you less to increase my profit I would."
Ann Morrissey Eul
I gotta disagree there, Richard. If you are not happy with the pay you are receiving, make yourself more valuable...and find a better employer.
Daniel the Storyteller
"minimum wage" is a base. IF you are STILL making "minimum wage", or the wage you started at, after going through, successfully, "probation", then you either need to ask the boss for a raise or find a new job.
Gerry Emery
Who is Harry? I don't see any Harry on this thread.
Ann Morrissey Eul
Harry was calling lots of folks 'libtards' on many threads...yet, he is one of the folks that voted that the federal government does have the responsibility to establish a minimum living wage.

That is not an idea supported by our constitution or most conservatives.
Ann Morrissey Eul
After I called him out for his support of the liberal living wage agenda, he blocked me....but here he is.

https://www.teapartycommunity. com/jed-mercer/
Paul McCord
His profile is hidden.
Ann Morrissey Eul
Then he has you blocked too.
Paul McCord
Funny I never met the guy.
Ann Morrissey Eul
He seems rather You probably just looked at him wrong.
Robert Shaw
Harry may be 'block happy', probably block me too.
Harry Hondalon
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Kay Stewart
Oh my a brand new troll.
Todd Powley
What exactly constitutes "fair compensation?" In my mind, the minimum should be the minimum wage. Above that, we let businesses and workers and demand for work determine what is "fair compensation." When I answered yes I was speaking to the minimum age but I don't agree the government has an inte...
Keith Jennings
Except the minimum wage is un-Constitutional and Progressive big government!
Daniel the Storyteller
in my opinion, "fair compensation" is whatever you are paid. IF you do not agree you were paid ENOUGH, don't work for that organization again. As for Government "fair compensation", whatever you WERE making outside the Government job.
Lorilee Cuvillier
Kind of a silly question to be asking on this site
Ann Morrissey Eul
Not was asked because of a long thread addressing this issue...and if you look at the responses....we don't all agree.

It's not silly.
Keith Jennings
You would think, but there are a lot of Progressives posing as conservatives here now!
Mary M Link
Years ago I worked for a nursing home. Our competition for hires was advertising in the paper a $1 an hour more for new hires. I brought in the ad which was shown to the council (non-profit org) and a week later all employees were told we were getting $1 an hour increase...whoop...competition and ca...
Daniel the Storyteller
i have a friend here in Spokane Valley that the Washington minimum wage increase is going to negate all of her pay raises in the past. EVERY ONE OF THEM. And she will not be getting them returned...
Steven Avolio (Covfefe for