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Is prohibition a conservitive value?

September 6, 2018 by
Lewis Neidhardt
Prohibition of what?
Or just prohibition as a general policy?
Robert Shaw
. Yes. actually prohibition as Law would be more precise.
Thank you for the reply.
Robert Shaw
I am blessed/cursed with a curious mind.
I have made study of prohibition.
I hope my poll will open a conversation.
Lewis Neidhardt
I'm a sailor, and jet skis should be prohibited. These idiots will cut across your bow and force you into a dangerous jibe.
Robert Shaw
Prohibition supported by almost one in five adults……today? No legal beer, wine or spirits? Yes, tens of millions of people in the U.S. favor Prohibition.
Lisa Alabama
I suspect it depends on the "conservative". They aren't clones of one another.
Robert Shaw
. Actually it was Republicans who fought against repeal.
Aug. 11, 1932 Prohibition After the 1932 Elections

Republican prohibition plank rejected, 472 to 681, a proposed repeal

Of the Democratic plank, calling for unqualified repeal, the President (Hoover) said: “Our oppone...
Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw
The production of the 1931 Report on Lawlessness in Law Enforcement by the
Wickersham Commission is one of the most important events in the history of
American policing. It was the first systematic investigation of police
misconduct and became a catalyst for reforms involving new forms of
Lewis Neidhardt
Well, we have finally learned you're talking about banning alcohol.
I don't drink, and I live in a dry county. The lack of alcohol really hurts the hospitality business here, and this is a resort and vacation area. Good restaurants depend on alcohol sales to subsidize food prep, which is labor intens...
Robert Shaw
Actually I'm more interested in the concept.
How before the ink was dry on the Constitution many of us were hell bent on control of the individual by force of law. The prohibitionists were (and are) very powerful and successful activists.
Robert Shaw
Why did the United States have a prohibition movement, and enact prohibition? We offer some generalizations in answer to that question. y-prohibition

Prohibition in the United States was a measure designed to reduce drinking by eliminating the businesses that manufacture...