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Your View On Veterans?

September 18, 2018 by
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Paul McCord
Though we owe these guys a debt that is beyond price we still need to consider the actual physical cost of everything, including their benefits.
Herman Nelson
Benefits..? Working for a crappy check for 20+ years and there's benefits? Hmmm.. I don't use the VA for anything. There's guys that were damaged way more than I. Tricare for life? Hmmm.. If it's for life, why does it end at 65..? Commissary bx/px- yep I use it every 2 weeks. VA loan? Didn't use it...
Richard Hertz
My dad is in an Alzheimer's lock down unit of the Missouri Veterans Home, at taxpayer expense. It is a state run facility funded by Missouri taxpayers. He only served 8 yrs, but that covered WWII and Korea. Raise taxes and give it to the vets. Missouri has a medical marijuana amendment on the ballot...
Sunny VZ
Our veterans deserve far more than they have received. The money pit is the corrupt defense contractors. Pay up and care for our vets!