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Will the midterms result in "Keeping America Great Again...or Making America Mediocre Again?"

October 17, 2018 by
Jerry Adams
Hi Anna, I voted no because before every election we hear the same old pleas and promises from Republicans only to be ignored and betrayed as soon as the election is over.
Steve Johnson (EC)
My fear is this election will accomplish nothing. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans want any significant change in DC. They are happy to exchange control of Congress as needed to keep the masses happy. Beyond that, there is agreement to maintain a status quo that allows them to get rich at our e...
Steve Johnson (EC)
Arwen Undomiel
Interesting video, but I have to voice an immediate concern when I hear him use the term "liberal democracy" defined by the qualities of equality, fairness, justice, legitimacy, accountability, and security. Not that there's anything wrong with justice, or accountability, or even security for that m...
Arwen Undomiel
I don't think you can answer yes or no to either/or questions. But I'm with Jerry and Steve. Other than some economic strides and some anti-global moves, this country has pretty much maintained the status quo. And a red wave won't change that.
Robin Larson
I understand the frustration and sentiment Jerry, many of us feel the same way. However, I do not agree with your assessment of the situation at all. The difference "IS" Trump. He doesn't let people get away with their back sliding and lying like all previous presidents since Reagan. He calls people...
Keith Jennings is online.
How can you answer yes or no to two options? Politicians, including the current president, don't make America great or mediocre. The people do. When you vote for any Progressive, you vote for decline. It only determines the speed of it by which party!
Mick Hargrave
It doesn't matter who the midterms put in power it will be the same thing whether it is the DNC or GOP both are pushing the Progressive Agenda and as Long as People keep sending the same two parties back to power nothing is going to change except the speed at which America becomes a Fully Progressiv...
Jerry Adams
Exactly Mick, yesterday there was an article I read on the Pakistani Spy Ring that AG Sessions kindly covered up and buried. The writer detailed crime after crime that was committed by various Democrat Congress critters and the Pakis but that the GOP House Leadership refused to hold hearings or sanc...
Nathan Grooms
I voted maybe. It depends on who gets the House. Then it will depend on who gets the key leadership positions. If it were up to Paul Ryan I'd have my doubts.