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Will acting Attorney General Whitaker be able to stop or hamstring the Trump-Russia investigation?

November 30, 2018 by
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Randy Newton
He can but will Trump let him.
Lewis Neidhardt
Yeah, but it's suicide by cop. Ask Nixon. His Saturday night massacre cost him his job.
Richard Hertz
Mueller had the incredible end around with the Cohen conviction, and Manafort breaking his plea deal. He is now able to get the information out to the public. Whitaker is under FBI investigation for the toilet scam. I wrote this poll before Cohen or Manafort had their court dates.
Mr. White III%
Why would that be necessary? Rosenstein held a press conference and stated there is no evidence of any American Citizen being involved. They haven't even filed formal charges on the Russians that were supposed to be involved.
Richard Hertz
Are you aware of what an indictment is? The Russians responsible for the hacking all got indicted, as well as some Russian oligarchs. Civics lesson for today...when a prosecutor uses a grand jury, the formal charges come in the form of an indictment. It is referred to as the charging document. Are y...
Robin Larson
Richard, are you aware that all the Russians indicted have no obligation to appear and that the one who demanded Mueller present his case was "denied" Or are you still selling and using drugs on your chicken farm.?
Mick Hargrave
Trying reading Mr. White's post and then Richard's response. Maybe it would be clearer to you if could read and comprehend at the same time.
Mick Hargrave
Right now Whitaker has got problems of his own with misleading the FTC about his role at the Miami Firm he worked for.

I find it amazing that Rod Rosenstein is a Hero that said there is no evidence of American Citizen being involved but he has committed Treason according to them and Chump and needs ...