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Should POTUS shut down the government if the new spending bill doesn't include funding for his border wall?

December 3, 2018 by
Steve Johnson (EC)
Congress will likely pass a stop-gap measure due to Bush 41's passing. The can will be kicked down the road again and they can duke it out before Christmas.
Herman Nelson is online.
Should Dickie move out of Fale's double-wide?
Richard Hertz
I asked a lesbian member of my congregation about your Fale reference. She asked what your age was. I told her that you seemed to be an older man, but many people on the internet fudge their A/S/L. She thought 'Fale' was probably a code word to get into a LBGTQ club or a bathhouse. Her exact words ...
Steve Johnson (EC)
Herman's reference to "Fale" is his dig at Dale Nixon. "Herman" (not his real name BTW) thinks he is so clever. Then again, your friend might have a point about "Herman."
Richard Hertz
I just didn't get it, but in fairness to me, it was a very veiled dig. Most of Hermy's posts come across as bigoted against the gay community. The worst homophobes are the ones who are repressing their own homoerotic tendencies, being hypercritical of others who openly display their homoerotic tende...