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Who pays for tariffs on imported goods?

December 7, 2018 by
Lake Wilson
Probably shared by many....
Norm Simpson
What's your point?
Larry New
Why did you ask? Because you don't know?
Lewis Neidhardt
Only a doofus doesn't know, or 25% of respondents (so far) of this poll.
Richard Hertz
My point is if you look at the results of the poll you will see everyone who didn't answer "the end consumer" is incredibly ignorant. The shame of that is their vote counts a full 1/2 of mine, since my wife, who has no interest in politics, proxies her vote to me. I fill out a sample ballot for her,...
Robin Larson
Who pays the tariffs on all the goods going the other way? Isn't that the whole point - the other way? We lose our jobs and manufacturing because we don't defend our products and stand against the tariffs in other countries. Thus our manufacturing leaves our shores costing us not only dollars, but t...
Richard Hertz
I had one job in the manufacturing sector. I worked for Zenith Electronics, in the final assembly plant in Springfield, MO. Reagan saw to it that my job was moved to Juarez, Mexico. I had no desire to live in El Paso, or anywhere in TX. In fairness I did love the roads in TX, when I was playing pro ...
Justine Diddle
I think this guy is a leftists mole
Richard Hertz
I think you are typing this with a vestigial appendage...