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Do You Know How the Impeachment process works?

March 20, 2013 by
"Impeach Obama" is becoming the mantra and battle cry of conservatives every where. But do you know how it works? Test your knowledge on this one.
1. What 3 American POTUS have been impeached?
2. Where do the proceedings begin?
3. From the House to the ____________is the 2nd step.
4. If the HJC agrees that there is enough evidence then it goes to the
5. Only a ___________ ___________ is required in the House for a full investigation to be launched
6. The purpose of a full House Investigation is to determine if
7. If enough evidence is discovered then the issue is referred to the
8. The impeachment trial is held in the Senate and is presided over by the
9. The impeachment proceedings are like a
10. It takes a _______ majority vote of the Senate to impeach the POTUS
Hugh Denny
These questions are mostly wrong. Only 2 impeached, Johnson and Clinton. Neither was convicted in the Senate.
Kathrine McGhghy
Mostly? Sounds like 1 was wrong not most...
David Bushong
Both of these senate trials were a joke. In Johnson's trial the senate passed a rule that they (the jury) could vote to overturn the judge's rulings and in the Clinton mockery of a trial the senate voted to restrict the time and number of witnesses that could be called so there was never a chance of...
Steve Valentine
Not with Reid in charge Wayne. Reid would prevent the Articles from even getting to the Senate floor for a vote.
Lewis Neidhardt
Reid wouldn't be in charge. The Chief Justice would be. Question 8.
David Bushong
However, the Senate determines the rules and during the 2 trials they have held so far they had the ability to vote on and over rule any decision the Chief Justice made.
Eric Ecuyer
Whoah! I got 100%. Not bad for a 15 year old who wants to run for president in the future!
Bob Brown
yeah #1 was wrong with nixon but most logical answer.
Bob Brown
Oh and eric good job , just when I think kids in America are failing or don't care about history or politics someone like you pops up - and on a conservative site too.
Joseph Bednar
I got them all! Right!!!
Ken Crow
Kerry; Was going to take your quiz, but didn't. QUESTION #1; There is NO correct answer. President Nixon was only THREATENED with Impeachment and stepped aside. Only President's Johnson and Clinton were ever actually impeached in the House and only Johnson was ever taken to a Senate trial where he w...
Rick Hanley
You too are wrong Clinton's impeachment went to the Senate and they failed to convict him too.
Joseph Vanchieri
I got #2 wrong and I knew the answer. You slipped me up. lol As far as Nixon goes , He was shown the affirmation and it was a big "Yea" to impeachment. His resignation didn't change the fact that he was impeached by the House.
Jenna Houle Harrison
impeachment and removal from office are two different things.
moses kauffman
each were impeached but not all were convicted which is a big difference in these trials, and I got them all right.
Rick Hanley
No Johnson and Clinton were impeached but not convicted Nixon never was impeached.
Interesting. To bad our "leaders" don't have the stones to put the process into motion.
Rick Hanley
ONLY TWO PRESIDENTS have been impeached A. Johnson and Clinton Nixon was never impeached he was investigated but resigned to avoid being impeached. Nixon knew that if he was impeached he could never be pardoned, which is what Ford did thereby preventing Nixon from ever being prosecuted for anything ...
Debra K Milton
EVERYTIME I BRING UP CLINTON among those IMPEACHED presidents, they look like I'm crazy.. lol And I'm speaking of Grammar school teachers.. Scary huh..
Debra K Milton
Gerald Adams,, I didn't know that about McCain, but it fits him perfectly..
David Scott
Fun, but not well researched I am afraid. Interesting that many people think Nixon was impeached. Many people also assume impeachment involves removal from office.
Shawn Howren
Wow, I really surprised myself. I made 100%