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March 22, 2013 by
A slightly easier, but still fun history challenge
1. 1. The author of Alexander Hamilton, E Pluribus Unum & States Rights and the Union is
2. 2. Should Sarah Palin ever be president, she and Calvin Coolidge would be the only presidents who
3. 3. One convincing reason why Florence Harding most likely did NOT kill her husband, Warren was
4. 4. The only Speaker of the House to be elected President was
5. 5. Harry S Truman said, in case of an attempted assassination, he would
  likes this.
Eric Ecuyer
It was a guessing game for me.
blacky b
I have no words for my ignorancee.
Mark Evans
Well, I THOUGHT this was an easier quiz!
Mark Evans
I figured all the Constitutionalists in here would get No. 4...And i can't believe anybody missed no. 1, the way I telegraphed it! :o)
Bob Brown
one was easy four was a guess which turned out wrong - lol
Johnnie McInnis
A tough one.
Michael OBrian Sr.
I feel illinformed at best, ignorant at worst!
Dayle Hyatte
i got the gun being rammed downt he throat thats what i would do
Wayne Shelby
Randy Starnes
Four was the only one I knew for sure lol at Truman's quote
karen daulton
Easier I say I DON'T want any harder,, guessed all but Truman questio
SWAG'ed it!
Anna Walker
man, i thought i knew my history...but i have been schooled. i feel so stupid. a couple if i had gone with my instinct, it would have been correct. i just can't believe Calvin Coolidge is the only president to serve as both mayor and governor.
Ayis Caperonis
tough quizz!!
angela highfill
epic fail lol
Spencer Welker
Yeah i had to guess on all of them, give me military history and i will tear through it