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Poseidon Adventure - 1972

May 14, 2013 by
Classic movie buffs - Let's see how much you know about the disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure.
1. What was the Captain's main concern?
2. What was the name of the injured dining room steward?
3. How tall was the tidalwave?
4. Where was the Poseidon bound?
5. How many people survived?
6. What was the reverend's last name?
7. Did the Poseidon send out an SOS?
8. The Rosens sold _______ last year
9. Was was Robin and Susan's LAST name?
10. Was Linda Rogo among the surviors?
  and  like this.
Larry Orr
Most of my answers were guesses, since I last saw the film in the theater in 1973.
linda robinson
oops not so good
Pam Lamker
Surprised I had 3 right. Been a long time .. But will always love Ernest Borgnine .. Another patriotic actor gone.
Jan Welter
Missed two. Not bad.
Steve Valentine
That's great Jan!!!
Iowa Patriot
Only got three right.I only saw the movie once, in 1972. Mine were all guesses.
Bob Wick
Got 4 correct. Guessed at them all.
Chuck Bledsoe
7 out of 10 been a while since I seen this flick
Melissa Martin
man. I stink at these quizes, but they are fun