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More Classic Cinema

June 14, 2013 by
More questions about some great American films from the 1920s through 1960s
1. 1. In “Sadie Thompson” (1927), Lionel Barrymore’s evangelist character
2. 2. John and Lionel Barrymore work together (along with Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford) in
3. 3. Mexican-American actress Lupe Velez starred in a series of films as
4. 4. Robert Mitchum gets a shotgun blast in the pants in The Night of the Hunter from
5. 5. Jimmy Stewart punches John Wayne in the mouth in
  and  like this.
Mark Evans
Jusat corrected a typo on No. 4...hopefully before anybody saw it.
Guy Fawkes
I just took the quiz and didn't notice.
Mark Evans
Good job on it, Guy Fawkes!
Mark Evans
Good job Tom Seller!
Pam Lamker
My wrong answers were pure guesses, obviously wrong guesses. lol