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Planes, trains & Automobiles

July 20, 2013 by
Here's one to rev up your engines!
1. 1. The legendary 1939 “Ghost Car”
2. 2. The prototype 1956 Chrysler Norseman
3. 3. Some two years after the Wright Brothers’ first flight
4. 4. Why didn’t Mrs. Casey Jones sue over her unflattering portrait in ‘The Ballad of Casey Jones’?
5. 5. Jack Benny’s jalopy on his radio program was
  and  like this.
LJ Cambria
I personally disavow myself from that 20% score... my better half failed that one! LOL!
Chris Hogan
#5 easy, that is how Mel Blanc got his start. #3 I read it some where. #'s 1,2,4 pure guesses were worthless.
Donna Hiles
I guessed on all 5 questions - missed 2 - I suck at guessing apparently.