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Do you know your song titles?

October 9, 2013 by
Here's some song titles from the old days to today. Let's see how many you can complete. Titles are Pop,Rock and Country.
1. Primrose ______________
2. He stopped __________
3. Maybe __________
4. Goodbye __________
5. Dust ___________
6. Two tickets ____________
7. Chances __________
8. Me and you ___________
9. Check ___________
10. Knock _________
Juan Ella Fontenot
Wow! I am shocked! I got 100% I did like Neil. I started singing them all.
Steve Foley
got my AARP notice of eligibility, could be why I passed this test.
Daniel the Storyteller
or they saw your results and that is why AARP notified you.
Jonathan Burge
Aced it, do I get a notice that I'm on the Dean's or ole coot's list?
Richard Bradley
oh well 80/100
Mark Metzger
Ralph Cramden
robert cel
10/10 ... shows my age too ... good songs though
Neil Darkstar
Well, 8 of 10...
Oh well...
Iowa Patriot
9 of 10. I'm not so good either.
Jody Paul
I got them all right. I had to guess on two though.
Nancy Couden
William Bowles
Mary Seppelin
One of the two that I missed was a Stones song. Boy do I feel stupid.