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Common Core Quiz - take your best shot

October 28, 2013 by
Have fun with my version of a Common Core quiz coming soon to a school near you...
1. Who is the best President America has ever had?
2. If Sally has five candy bars, and Rafael has one – what should Karl do about it?
3. 2 + 2 = ?
4. What is George Washington’s legacy?
5. Which of the following best defines the Constitution of the United States?
6. What made Franklin D. Roosevelt so awesome?
7. What makes Margaret Sanger a hero in Progressive American history?
Elizabeth Briley
We the People Fight Tyranny
NO!! It means chicken -- everyone knows that!
We the People Fight Tyranny
How the hell did Joseph pull off a B+???
Art Thompson III%
Wow, 43% but that's ok because I'm a Conservative (did that sufficiently explain my answer?)
Sandra Hartle
you did better than me, I got 42% missed all but top three, forgot I was supposed think like a liberal, which since I don't think they do think, is impossible for me.
Daniel the Storyteller
uh oh...i got a 71%
We the People Fight Tyranny
Not a good sign my friend...
Daniel the Storyteller
i just answered with the OPPOSITE of what my upbringing taught me
david johnson
i must be stupid...28%
We the People Fight Tyranny
No, I am the stupid one by getting 100%...
Cat Chewbird
Guess I can't even accurately think like a liberal. I tried, but I only received a 57% - oh common core, that is still a passing grade. Wouldn't want to hurt my self esteem now, would ya?
Jeff Noncent
this is crazy
Daniel the Storyteller
yes, and your point is?
Mary Seppelin
I'd never get out of grade school with common core.
Daniel the Storyteller
given a choice of going INTO grade school with common core or not, i would NOT.
Kat Affholter
71% missed two, but I still win, where is my trophy
Missed 4 & 5 it was interesting to think like a liberal, my brain is now smacking me around.
Daniel the Storyteller will this one work?
Larry New
You win even if you get less than 50%.Everybody wins.
Carolina Jounsion
My answer to this test quiz is it causes retardation in folks that try to suss out from that answers posted or given. I prefer to use the real truth,not what was stated,and Jesus Christ is Real!!!
Larry New
3 out of 7.43%.I still win as a participant.