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Who knows their stooges?

November 6, 2013 by
All questions and answers are from the book Moe Howard and the three stooges by Moe Howard
1. What was the brothers real last name?
2. What was curleys real first name?
3. Who were real brothers?
4. What was Shemps real first name?
5. What instrument did Larry play?
6. What was Moes real first name?
7. Who shot themselves in the ankle while hunting?
8. Moe,Larry,Curly and Shemp appeared in only one film together, which one?
9. How did Curly die?
10. What famous female comedian appeared in one of the stooges films?
Mark Evans
I don't know how proud I should be of this, but 'Woo hoo!" (Or, should I say, 'Woo wooo wooo wooo!'?
Terry Philpot
NO,NYUK, NYUK, NYUK! Congartz Mark
Roxanne Johnson
yuck yuck yuck
Lyn Ryan
Obama, Reid, and Pelosi?
Jean Bailey
Don't know much about the Stooges, but I liked them.
Mr. White III%
Bring it.
Mr. White III%
8 of 10. Didn't know the hunting answer or Shemps first name.
Terry Philpot
Any questions my friends?
Terry Philpot
Both Moe and Larry died in 1975
Terry Philpot
Thanks for the tip Curtis, never knew about that site. Cool!
Mark Evans
Terry, do you know what it says son Emil Sitka's tombstone?
Terry Philpot
no, but he was to be the next stooge.
Elizabeth Hamilton
I loved the stooges ^_^
John Hughes
Yes their names are Barrack, Nancy and Harry. that the new one's anyway.
Ryan Sipple
The 3 Stooges. Liberal Math. It's technically 4. (7 after Hollywood ruined it recently)
Ryan Sipple
Doh! I knew it was Horwitz WTH did I pick Howard? There were 4 stooges. Don't get how that one was wrong, unless it was the first 3 you wanted. LOL
Mary Seppelin
I believe that Larry was also concert pianist.