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Chemistry (Hard)

December 18, 2013 by
Do you remember your chemistry?
1. How many orbitals can fit in the 4d sublevel of an atom
2. How many valence electrons do the atoms (except transitional metals) require to be chemically stable?
3. Who organized the first modern periodic table by arranging the elements in horizontal rows in order of increasing atomic mass?
4. In a group in the periodic table, what is the same about the atoms? (Think valence electrons)
5. I have 3 valence electrons in the 3rd energy P-sublevel, who am I?
6. In a period, as the atomic number increases, what generally happens to the ionization energy?
7. In a period, what is the same about every atom (think electron configuration)
8. What does the Bohr model of the atom look most like?
9. When an atoms absorbs energy its electrons enters a higher energy level, the atom is said to be in a(n)....
10. What happen with the electron as it releases light?
Terry Philpot
you are joking...right? lol
Matthew G. Bianco
What? This quiz is for Chemistry lovers
Terry Philpot
I guess I don`t love chemistry enough then! I would only shame myself. LOL
Deborah Fordham
well, I was brave enough to try, without cheating.
Chicky Meier
I remember breaking a thermometer and rolling the mercury on my desk. Now they tell me it'll kill me instantly.
Daniel the Storyteller
i used to cover pennies with it and try to pass them off as dimes.
Matthew G. Bianco
Pretty good scores here! :D
Sharon Kowalski
My eyes crossed at the first question. I got a zero.
Matthew G. Bianco
It's not suppose to be easy
Sharon Kowalski
I used to be only ok in Chemistry and it has been quite a number of decades since I took it in high school. (I won't tell you how many decades and just an fyi - that is how I count time nowadays)
Richard Wheeler
Missed 100% so much for my chemistry which was in high school 30 yrs ago
Daniel the Storyteller
5.0/5.0, who cares...
no, seriously, i did get 50%, and high school was three score years ago or so.
Richard Hertz
I thought it might be "Breaking Bad" chemistry test...
Siras Tango
80/100 i missed #5 and #7
Michael Espigares
I guess 70% is pretty good considering I haven´t been in high school since 1981
Larry New
I know how to make gun powder.
Daniel the Storyteller
I know ways to make it react.