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Conservative Test

January 1, 2014 by
What percent conservative are you? (Score equals the percentage of conservatism)
1. Obamacare
2. Abortion
3. Minimum wage laws
4. Stricter immigration laws
5. Gay Marriage
6. Flat Tax
7. Presidential Term Limits
8. Free Market
9. Stricter Gun Control
10. Progressive Tax
Matthew G. Bianco
I wish I could add more questions, oh well...
Thomas Mrak

As for taxes, the only fair tax, is NO tax.

Also, I'm gay, I am NOT going to vote against myself. However, the Gay Rights Movement as it stands is going about this in a very detrimental way which made more sense in the 1970s, not the 2010s, and not helping gays AND bullying Christians.
Buddy Harris
I find it hard to believe that you're happy 100% of the time. How do you manage that?
Matthew G. Bianco
Defining marriage is not the government's job. It is and always was a religious/traditional thing, not federal.
Storm Raven
I figure that the government should never have any place in marriage. The closest they could come is calling it a civil contract. But it is a religious issue and/or a personal right, which covers non religious people as well
Daniel the Storyteller
i have been suggesting that each State pass a "law" or State Constitutional Amendment that makes marriage a religious institution and removes the State from ANY effects of it. Or at minimum removes the ability to perform marriage from the State.
Paige Lovelace
In ohio where i live we voted against gay marriage but the Supreme Court with their decision took that from us!
Monty Wheeler
Thomas, I have noticed that you, in nearly every post that you make, point out the fact that you are homosexual. You also like to state that you don't flaunt it. Seems like pointing it out every time you post is flaunting it. Being told once that someone is homosexual is quite enough. It's not some...
Connie Whitehead
I voted for flat tax but only because there was no option for fair tax, which abolishes the IRS.
Daniel the Storyteller
i vote for no tax, let the government pay for itself through import/excise duty
Matthew G. Bianco
Gary Rall, Thomas Mrak, and Harry Meier, you are a libertarians, not a conservatives.
Thomas Mrak
So what? We believe most of the same things, and we have common enemies.
Matthew G. Bianco
I know, I accept that. I don't mind. But I am just saying...
Daniel the Storyteller
excuse me, but aren't libertarians ones who believe the individual has the liberty? and aren't conservatives against overreaching government? and aren't they the same damn thing?
Matthew G. Bianco
Gary Rall you support abortion? Ugh... That makes me sick.
SD Citizens For Liberty, In
100% thank you!
Kathy Knowler
Alisa Kurtz
question is pro for? is con against? Then I know what they are to vote
Matthew G. Bianco
Somebody got 10%.... What??
Emerald Robertson
:O Not me! I got Quiz Results (100/100):D ROFL...that is amazing though. Guess the trolls are already following.
Richard Stewart
I consider myself to be conservative leaning libertarian with anarchist tendencies.
Scott Masewicz
80% here. I'm in favor of having a minimum wage and raising it once in a while maybe 50 cents or so to keep up with inflation. I'm not one of those nuts in favor of a $15 minimum wage.
Emerald Robertson
I am not in favor of a minimum wage. My first job paid $1.00 per hour...and let me tell you that is a GREAT incentive to get a good education and a decent job! If you do not like the job or the money you make, you can find another job. That USED to be easy to do in this country, and it will be again...
Monty Wheeler
Sorry...I'm 100% conservative. Your poll has me at 90% because I oppose a flat tax. Fact is, I oppose any income tax. The federal government doesn't need to tax people's income to raise money. It's a deception, and a way for them to keep a docier on everybody.
Daniel the Storyteller
the IRS taxes people to pay the debt the federal government "owes" the FRB.
Larry Lane
Scored a 90% due to the same answer Monty - flat tax I said no just because the "Government" has opened the Pandora's box to tax "Everything". They are even going to "Tax the Internet" purchases from companies like to name only one. The one company I purchase allot from to save on taxes a...
Siren Drake
Monty Wheeler, You are exactly right! I read about a guy who used to be high up in the IRS. After he retired he pointed out that one of the problems with the IRS is not just the amount of money that they take, but that imposing an income tax REQUIRES the IRS to poke its ugly nose into all aspects ...
Siren Drake
I would also like to say that although I believe that gays who have entered domestic arrangements should have legal protection of their property rights in the event of a breakup, I have serious concerns about the consequences of making gay marriage something that is upheld by federal law. There is ...
Robert Prickett`
Nuts, I just got finished trying to inform an ignorant animal-rights radical that wouldn't listen,& here is this poll half of which I can't answer 'cause it lacks the nuance of a neutual/complicated category. For instance, gay adoption is the issue I worry about -a great unknown -but marriage is onl...
Siren Drake
I too have concerns about that, and in today's climate, it's impossible to have an honest discussion about it, and one cannot guarantee the honesty of any "study" on the matter either.
Cathy Cleary
I guess I over thought the question (#4) -- are existing Constitutional laws are enough if inforced, so was thinking no new laws needed and was not counting the Un-Constitutional laws. But 90% is good. and I will think to ask what person means next time asked.
River ~
I messed up on one question by not paying attention. boohoo
Mark Metzger
Mike Johnson
Aaron Levisay
90%, but I don't think it should be 90%. I think the amendment that stopped Presidents from serving two terms is unconstitutional. Ronald Reagan thought so, too.
Emerald Robertson
THey currently CAN serve two terms...I think you meant three terms.
Keith Charles Johnson
I scored 100%, that is definitely correct, and I do hold onto my guns, my Holy Bible, and God. Being a liberal is a cake walk, being a conservative is treacherous. A large number of people will call conservatives radical, terrorists, Bible Thumpers, et al. I myself put up with the name calling becau...
Aaron Levisay
I agree with the above quote, Keith. The problem is, modern libertarianism is more akin to "lifestyle" (only) libertarianism. The kind of libertarians that Reagan talked about were the ones who actually wanted to limit the actual government that we have.

Good essay on this, and it bears reading aga...
Keith Charles Johnson
I read the essay, and Bill McMorris made sense. Now we'll have to wait and see what happens on November 4th, and then go from there.
How is this for being a Jew, 100/100
Daniel the Storyteller
i KNOW i am a conservative without taking a poll.
Scott Stewart III%
Flat tax is not the way to go, so I only got 90%. 5% sales tax on non-food, non-energy products with 10% tariffs on imports would be the fairest way to go.
Matthew G. Bianco
Thank God for all the 100%
Ben Shevalier
I got 100% but I'm wondering if the "right" answers are indeed right on some of them simply because I agree with the person whom came up with the answers? Or should I just accept it as it is and take a pill then wash it down with a nice hot cup of STFU ?? ;-)
Sandra Hartle
100% but I knew that already, my age dictates it if nothing else, and my love for the country I grew up in not this mess Obummer is creating.
Cranky White Woman
I got a 90.
Randy Newton
100% No one ever give me anything and I don't ask for anything.
Arwen Undomiel
Why do I have to be pro flat tax to be conservative? I'm against income tax altogether.
Matthew G. Bianco
There needs to be some tax rate for the sake of the military, prisons, and police force.
Arwen Undomiel
We had a military long before the income tax. There are other means for gathering such funds.
Karin L I don't feel so long as I'm as equally conservative as Arwen and Aaron I'm ok with that 90%...
Arwen Undomiel
Funny how you checked Aaron's score because I did too.
Karin L
In order to land the coveted 100% conservative score...I knew what the poll WANTED me to say concerning Presidential term limits...loved Reagan too much to go along I guess...
David #AlwaysConstitution
On the other side of that, without the limit, Obummer would legally be running again.
Jody Paul
happy to say I am 100%
Larry New
100% not a surprise!
Michael Arnold
no surprise here 100%
Matthew G. Bianco
Good job to the 100 percents!
David Cochran
Stupid iPhone! I hit the wrong tiny little button on the last question and before I noticed it, I hit the finished button. Stupid iPhone!
Rebecca Ampuero
100% (I knew that)
David #AlwaysConstitution
I don't agree with only having a pro and con choice of answers. Most issues are not black and white. I, too, knew what I needed to answer in order to "prove" that I am conservative. I'm not here to show off how conservative I am. I also support the fair tax, but believe the flat tax would be better ...
Hognutz Patriot
Eleftherios Nikolaou
I scored a 100%!!
I knew i was a conservative...!
Celtacia Clemment
100%. Figured.
Larry New
I'm thinking if you score below 75% you aren't too conservative.
Don Hooker
Flat tax is not a Conservative principle. If ANY tax, it would be the FairTax.
Patrick Lodahl
When I took this quiz, I made a slight mistake. I answered that I was against stricter immigration laws when I should have answered that I am in favor of stricter immigration laws.
Keith Jennings
100%, as expected. As Rush says, "I'm to the right of Atilla the Hun!"
Mike Nowicki
100% Feels real good....
Cat Chewbird
100% - seems correct.
Jeff Noncent
I am 100% conservative that's great
Matthew G. Bianco
Wow, my test has gotten a ton more popularity than I expected it to get!
Tonya Smith
Well dog gone, I thought minimum wage laws meant to keep them minimum!
Mary Seppelin
I really don't care one way or the other on gay marriage. As long as they don't flaunt it in my face be gay all day long. But I am glad to see that I finally got a great score on one of these quizzies.
Steve Riley
I stood before God with a woman 25 years ago and made a committment. Have a problem with a couple of queers or lezzies believing they can do the same thing. If a couple of queers want to play pick up the soap in the shower room, or if a couple of lezzies want to play suck face (or something else) ...
Anita Timmons
There should be NO INCOME TAX for anyone, except corporations. As a matter of fact, income tax on individuals IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL! It was NEVER ratified and every time that an individual is put into jail for not paying income taxes, the act is illegal!!!