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Founding Father Quiz

July 20, 2014 by
Founding Father Quiz
A Founding Father's Quiz, if sources are wanted, I can provide that info. Many are more obscure, which I think is kinda sad. Our history game can be seen on for those who are interested.
1. One of my younger Brothers signed the Declaration of Independence, I signed the Constitution. I was “possibly the most successful lawyer in the American colonies.” and never lost a case.
2. I was only 32-years old at the Constitutional Convention, yet I was influential. In 1804 and 1808 I ran for Vice President, and in 1816 ran for President, but lost each time in a landslide.
3. I was the second youngest delegate to attend the Constitutional Convention, but that did not prevent me from speaking out “…more than 100 times.”
4. Which Representative from Connecticut made the motion during the Constitutional Convention to add the phrase “common defense and general welfare” to the Constitution as found in Article I, Section 8?
5. This fiery patriot founded the Boston Committee of Correspondence and was a key player in the famous Boston Tea Party.
6. He and his wife’s affectionate correspondence span four decades beginning with their courtship in 1762 and consist of over 1100 letters. Their letters are a national treasure.
7. At age 26 who was the youngest person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
8. This physician and signer of the Declaration of Independence served as the President of the American Society for the Abolition of Slavery and is considered the Father of American Psychiatry?
9. One of only two bachelors to sign the Declaration of Independence, this patriot from Delaware eventually died from cancer that had first appeared on his nose?
10. All of the following is true about John Hancock, except?
11. AVirginian Founder was a gifted writer, but by most accounts a poor speaker. He believed that one of his life’s greatest achievements was his authorship of the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom.
12. This wealthy Founder was sixty when he signed the Declaration of Independence. During the Revolutionary War two of his homes were seized by the British.
We the People Fight Tyranny
Funny! When I set up this quiz, I did not mark # 6 with the correct answer... Let me fix!
Mark Evans
After signing Dec. 1 he said WHAT??????
We the People Fight Tyranny
Sorry, that one got cut off, I fixed it now: "There, I guess King George will be able to read that!"
Larry New
Is this the old immigration test? I know the new one.It's do you want to cross the border and get welfare?
john neshiem
Wow! I pretty much suck.
George Moore
me too
Arwen Undomiel
Wow, that *was* hard!
Whicket Williams
2 RIGHT? WHO WANT TO UNDERSTAND THIS TRIVIA, WHEN THE MUSLIMS ARE TAKING MORE POWER IN THE usg DAILY? I DON'T FEEL BAD ABOUT not knowing this, I feel bad about not knowing kerry had muslims from Iran in his close family...
George Baker
I guessed at all of them and still got 2 right. I am dumber than a box of rocks. LOL
Jeff Morris
I must embrace the SUCK of my performance.
melvin joel
A lot of guessing got me 4 correct.
Keith Jennings
Me too, Melvin!
Marcus Lzuru
There are some of these I really had to think about. I was certain Hancock was already in the woods and in hiding by the time things went down; but Revere was probably the reason for it, lol. These were hard.

Charles Pinckney was considered one of the average speakers around fifty or sixty times - ...
Keith Jennings
Excellent, Marcus. I had no doubt you would do well. I must be reading the wrong books!
Marcus Lzuru
I do have a question though: there are enough stories that Hancock actually said something after he signed. I just don't know what it was... historically speaking.
Keith Jennings
He did on that miniseries 'Sons of Liberty', but it was full of fabrications anyway.
Charles Sumner got 100%. Amazing! But then again, when you have been around that long, you should know a lot!
Marcus Lzuru
heh, easy to score 100 when you were there!

*Just teasing!* ... haha, got to add that aside, just in case. Some folks don't take to humor.
John Smith
17/100, wow I suck
Shawn Howren
Missed 3. Some of things I just did not remember.
Mary Seppelin
Ashamed. ~:,(
Larry New
50% .Not great.
Daniel the Storyteller
hey, i got four...that sucks.
Ralph Cramden
Screwed up. Went for all wrong and got one right. Damn.
Phillip Burns
Boy do i have to go back and read some history!!
I suck!! man i knew i was bad but i did not think i was that bad!! i am ashamed :-(