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Online Privacy

December 12, 2014 by
The following questions were posed as part of a study commissioned by the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology at the University of California in 2009
1. If a website has a privacy policy, it means that the site cannot share information about you with other companies, unless you give the website your permission.
2. If a website has a privacy policy, it means that the site cannot give your address and purchase history to the government.
3. If a website has a privacy policy, it means that eh website must delete information it has about you, such as name and address, if you request them to do so.
4. If a website violates its privacy policy, it means that you have the right to sue the website for violating it.
5. If a company wants to follow your internet use across multiple sites on the internet, it must first obtain your permission.
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Lori Landry
I guess I understand there is no real privacy online
Richard Stitz
The privacy policy tells whether or not the site stores, sells, trades or otherwise shares your information with other people, companies or the government. #4 is true only if there is not a terms of use policy in place to indemnify the site owners from lawsuit. If there is not a terms of use agreeme...
Anyone who answered true to these question is delusional.
Phillip Burns
well 60% guess i had to wrong..Thing that gets me with this stuff is these Polices are written Buy Lawyers! and Like Credit Card and ALL legal Documents are so LONG winded and they just go on and ON about Legal crap..I for one Just Cringe at any thought of retaining or Gleaning and Information of Va...