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TV Trivia

January 25, 2015 by
TV trivia from yesterday.
1. What was Fonzie's first name?
2. Who was Rocky's Side Kick?
3. Hawkeye's home town
4. 1960's time travel show
5. He turned down the part of Matt Dillion
6. The Minnow departed from.......
7. Timmy's pet
8. What did K.I.T.T. stand for?
9. Danny Thomas show
10. Fred and Ethel's last name
Charlie Moran
My score only shows I'm getting old.
Siras Tango
7/10 Not bad I guess since we only got 2 channels plain enough to watch. And then you had to form a human relay line to turn the antenna if you wanted to watch the other channel.
Phillip Burns
darn i missed 2 questions 7 and 9 :-(
Jay Woods
Carolyn Ryerson
Whew Hoo ! You were glued to those shows; but I didn't know the Minnow's 3 hour tour was out of Hawaii !
Mark Isherwood
Only missed #4. I was thinking space travel when it says time travel.